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# About Me

DarkLight & Rhythmic Life...

Mahyar Farzam is a web developer and the ceo of Lobdown company , he was born in 1993 in Bandar-e Anzali (Anzali Port), Guilan, Iran.

Mahyar is a calmed down person but at the same time he is very nervouse too, the only thing can makes him cool is Music, especially musics published by Siavash Ghomayshi.

DarkLight is interested in : DANCING ON ICE and PUZZLE, His favorite Poet is Hossein Panahi, and His hobbies are gym, fishing, chess, swimming and bicycling, he bikes almost every day while he listens to his headphone....

# Education

Knowledge and Skills

  • Fluid Mechanical Engineering / Islamic Open University of Bandar Anzali
  • welding (SMAW) / Technical and professional Organizations of Iran

# Certificates

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# Contact

DarkLight & Rhythmic Life...

Develop and Designing website is accepted...
website: www.Lobdown.com

  • Mahyar Farzam
  • Iran , Guilan , Bandar-e Anzali
  • WhatsApp: +989111860046
  • Skype: Mahyar.Farzam
  • Site: www.mahyarfarzam.ir
  • Email: info@mahyarfarzam.ir
  • instagram: MahyarFarzam
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